Tips for Rekindling Romance in the Midst of Parenting

Between balancing busy schedules, sick kids, work deadlines, and sheer exhaustion, parents often find making time for intimacy challenging. But romance and intimacy are two important ingredients for a happy union. And when you have a happy partnership, you’re providing a sturdy foundation for a happier, more secure family.  So how can busy parents add a little more pizzazz to their love life?

Next Monday, February 13, author and sex educator Sarah J. Swofford, a.k.a., The Mama Sexpert, will be guest-hosting a free, virtual workshop in my Facebook Group *Confidently Connected Moms.

Moms will learn about:

  • Common intimacy and romance challenges parents face.
  • How to improve intimate communication in a long-term relationship.
  • How sex can be better than ever, even as parents.
  • Strategies to identify and build a life-long sensuality.

Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship or a single mom, you won’t want to miss this informative presentation. Not only will Sarah share helpful ideas and tips, she’ll also be available to answer your most pressing questions.

About Sarah J. Swofford, MPH:

Sarah J. Swofford, MPH, is a freelance writer, sex educator and author of From Ouch to Ahhh…The New Mom’s Guide to Sex After Baby.  She believes “moms—especially moms of babies and little ones—are underserved when it comes to easily accessible, relevant to a mom’s life sexual education.” 

A sexuality educator with a master’s degree in public health, she supports women who are navigating sex and intimate relationships amidst the demands of parenting. She writes about women’s sexuality throughout motherhood and teaches workshops on sexual intimacy for moms. She lives in Oregon with her husband and two children. Connect with Sarah at; On Twitter: @sarahjswofford; or on Facebook:

*Please note: To protect the privacy of group conversations, Confidently Connected Moms is a closed Facebook group just for moms. This group is for any mother seeking a supportive, positive online space featuring helpful resources and periodic educational workshops. If you’d like to join, please submit a request. If you’re already in the group, you may submit a request to add your mom friends.  

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  1. Looks like a great conversation. This is an issue that likely morphs over times as kids age as well- or so it seems in our house- always a new challenge 🙂

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