Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected: Raise a Thoughtful Communicator in a Digital World

Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected: 
Raise a Thoughtful Communicator in a Digital World

by Christa Hines
Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected: Raise a Thoughtful Communicator in a Digital World

Thanks to our multi-media world our children can communicate with others in ways like never before. 

But are they still gaining the timeless interpersonal skills
that they need now and into the future? 

Technology doesn’t have to water down the richness
of our interactions.

Guiding our children to communicate thoughtfully and considerately, whether online or offline, will help them develop into more successful, confident young men and women who enjoy happier, more fulfilling lives. 

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“A must-read for all moms and dads before placing technology into the hands of their children.” 
Margaret Sarver, Editor
KC Parent / KC Baby magazines

How can Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected  help you?

Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected helps parents:

  • Prepare children of all ages to be thoughtful, more confident communicators.
  • Learn one of the simplest ways to help kids begin establishing healthy boundaries, which are integral
    to staying safe and avoiding toxic relationships.
  • Teach timeless skills that everyone needs in order to feel empowered and happy.
  • Foster smart phone and social media etiquette. 
  • Gain a stronger understanding of social media technology, including blogging, podcasting and gaming.
  • Nurture savvy, proactive social media users.

What reviewers say…

“For parents who fear their child’s involvement in the digital age, this book provides suggestions and guidelines to help keep the child safe and the parents sane. The digital age is not going away, so this book will be my first tool in teaching my children how to have positive experiences with the wealth of information available on the Internet.”

~ Jennifer Sears, 8th grade English teacher, mom of two 

"In Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected, Christa Hines offers practical advice to parents as they help their children navigate communicating with others in the 21st century. From basic manners to handling online bullying, Hines provides parents with the tools needed to help them deal with these topics and much, much more. A must-read for all moms and dads before placing technology into the hands of their children."  
Margaret Sarver, Editor
KC Parent / KC Baby magazines

“Parents now have a concise yet extremely thorough guide for helping their children build a strong foundation of communication skills
that will serve them well as they navigate the sometimes intimidating digital world. Christa has packed this book with practical tips and helpful resources that I was able to start using immediately.” 

~ Mandy Yokim, Freelance Parenting Journalist, mom of two

“Christa Melnyk Hines has done an outstanding job of taking a complicated topic and breaking it down into manageable,
easy-to-read categories. Complete with examples and suggestions for parents to help their children become better prepared for life through more effective communications — on and offline  — Happy, Healthy and Hyperconnected is an important,
useful book for families with children of all ages.”  

~ Alana Muller, author of Coffee, Lunch, Coffee: A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking

"Christa not only gives outstanding and concrete advice regarding children and the digital world, this book is filled with tons of helpful tips on manners, listening, conflict resolution and more!"
Tom Limbert: Preschool Director, Parent Coach & Author
Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time

“As any parent knows, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves engaged in our kids’ lives at all times and ensure they are conducting themselves properly by having access to their accounts. I now feel better equipped to handle this situation in a less intrusive way.  
I love the practical, realistic and relatable ideas for building communication skills in my child and can honestly admit I was reminded
of a thing or two to remember as an adult as well.  I will keep this guide close to me and refer back to it many times as we
walk through this mother-and-son journey together.”

~ Kristal Ronnebaum, Coordinator of Honey Dews Baby Expo and the Modern Mama Society of Kansas City

“I truly enjoyed reading this book. It was clear, concise and easy to read. More importantly, the subject matter was SPOT ON!
Any person interacting with kiddos on a daily basis can benefit from the information in this book.
I am looking forward to putting the ideas found in this book into action with my children.”

~ Holly Kirkendoll, Mom of two 

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