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Creating Content that Connects

I help health & wellness entrepreneurs connect
with their audience by telling their stories

Creating Content that Connects
“Christa has a unique gift for telling someone’s story and message through their own voice.
I’m so grateful for her special knack of extracting exactly what I’d like to convey, clarifying it
and putting it into written words in a way that resonates with my target audience.”
Maybe you don’t mind writing, but feel unsure that what you’re putting out into the world is resonating with your audience. Or, you hate writing, which means you end up procrastinating or dumping industry jargon into lifeless templates.

Unfortunately, boring or poorly written content means your target audience:

  • Can’t find you.
  • Struggles to  understand what you offer.
  • Isn’t sure if they can trust your service or product to resolve their problem. 

Your stories are the soul-print of your business.

Of course, people have multiple options when it comes to purchasing a particular product or service. More and more, consumers choose brands that understand their needs and align with their values.

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Through storytelling, you can share your purpose and your philosophy and build stronger connections with your core audience. But, maybe you’re wondering:

  • How do I know which stories to tell for my business?

  • What if I don’t have any good stories or my stories
    don’t seem all that interesting?

  • How do I know if I’m telling my stories in a clear
    and engaging way?
"I have worked with Christa on several projects (with several more pending!). She has the amazing ability to help you turn the genius of what you do into easy-to-share, powerful word tracks, and presentations. She is a word-whisperer. Love working with her!"

Content is your currency.

Everyone has a story to tell that can enliven their brand. Stories breathe life into products and help us describe “difficult-to-explain” service offerings. I help unpack your stories and write them in a compelling way that resonates with your specific audience.

Whether you’d like to update your bio, re-energize the copy on your website, captivate an audience at your next presentation, or refine/review your words, I can help.


Strong, healthy content…

  • Distinguishes your voice, expertise and values.  
  • Communicates exactly how you transform specific problems into solutions.
  • Builds trust and engagement through connection.

Want to talk about it?
Schedule a no-pressure conversation.

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Let’s Transform Your Content

1) What’s your story? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation by emailing me at christa@christahines.com. We’ll explore your specific problems and goals.

2) What’s the diagnosis? With your concerns in mind, I’ll review your website and create a comprehensive proposal around how I can help support your content writing goals.

3) Sweet relief!  Is there any better feeling than making meaningful progress toward your goals? Once you’ve decided how you’d like to proceed, we’ll dive in and create irresistible content you’ll feel proud to deliver to your hungry audience.


Christa’s work has been featured in some of the following magazines:
To see the full list, please visit https://christamhines.com/publications/

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