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Creating Content that Connects
Christa M Hines

when you align your content with your business goals, magic can happen. 

Mysteries are fun to curl up with on a rainy day, but when it comes to your business, mysterious, confusing content will drive potential clients away. 

If you ever find yourself saying, “You just have to experience it to understand it” or “I don’t know how to explain it,” it’s time to clarify your messaging. Few people will throw money at a product or service they don’t understand or trust.

Or maybe you’re frustrated because you’re unsure why your content isn’t engaging or converting into sales.

Content strategy.

From website copy and blog posts to presentations, articles and bios, I’ll help you get strategic about your content and find the right words to explain what you do and what you offer in clear, concise language. 

Content writing.

Whether you’re tired of poking at lazy words that refuse to pull their weight or the thought of writing content sparks as much enthusiasm as rifling through last night’s leftovers, I’m here to help.

Hi, have we met? 

I’m Christa! I’m an award-winning writer who loves to untangle what’s working and what’s not when it comes to content and weave words into irresistible content that captures your voice and captivates your audience. You can read more about me here.

“Christa has a unique gift for telling someone’s story and message through their own voice. I’m so grateful for her special knack of extracting exactly what I’d like to convey, clarifying it and putting it into written words in a way that resonates with my target audience.”

Heart + Soul + Beauty + Brains = Swoon-worthy content

You might be cute, clever and a little complicated, but your marketing copy shouldn’t be. Beautiful content is clear and simple, articulating your expertise and your offerings. 

It should flow with the same pacing as a strong story, creating vibrant energy and interest in your business. 

Most of all, your copy should do the heavy lifting when you aren’t around to explain your products and services — and like a good coach, inspire your audience to act.

Isn’t it time you had the whole package?

  1. What’s your story?
    I love a good 1:1 conversation! Contact me to discuss your specific challenges and goals.
  2. Dial in.
    We’ll do a deep dive, exploring your personal voice/brand, core messaging and intentions.
  3. Engage.
    Deliver irresistible content to your hungry audience.

Your content is the soul print of your business.

As distinctive as a fingerprint, your content should…

  • Express your personal vibe by lifting up your voice, expertise and values.
  • Communicate how you transform your audience’s problems/desires into solutions.
  • Build trust and engagement through authentic connection.
  • Support your business goals.

Together, let’s create content that connects!

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