Online Sites that Nurture Real-Life Connections

Moms have plenty of choices when it comes to online forums and social networking, but most of us crave more face-to-face time with other moms. Thanks to several online initiatives, technology has helped topple the proverbial garden wall by blending virtual communities with real live interaction.

Here are a three sites that are integrating the online world into the real world to provide support to moms at their local level.

MomMeetMom. This new site matches moms to other moms in their area. The community helps moms find moms’ groups, play dates for their kids and opportunities to meet up with moms who share similar interests. Membership is free.

MommyConnectionsWith 22 locations in Canada, this site connects moms to be, moms of babies and moms of toddlers. The groups organize classes with expert speakers at the local level, meetups and support for moms. The site also features news, tips and events.

The Mommies Network. Started in Charlotte, NC, this non-profit helps moms from all walks of life connect with each other and with other moms in their community. The site features online forums, playdates and mom’s night outs. Membership is free.

Know of other organizations that use an online network to connect moms to other moms in their community? Please share in the comments box!

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