Connecting over Common Conflicts

Obviously, finding positive ways to communicate and connect goes a long way toward building a stronger family. Nevertheless, we often take our family relationships for granted and don’t always show each other the respect we deserve or actively seek out ways to build connection with each other. Here are three of my articles that hit retail and virtual stands this month that deal with family and marriage communication issues that may also resonate with you.

Do your children struggle with your or your partner’s business travel? In this month’s The Costco Connection, “Guilt Trip? Ease the Pain of Separation,” several road warrior moms and dads from across the country share their strategies to stay connected to their kids while they are on the road.

Do you and your spouse continue to battle over the same issues? I address three of the most common marital arguments in my post “3 Common Conflicts in Marriage & How to Squash ‘Em” on

As the mother of two sons, I love exploring issues that affect our boys. This month in Kansas City Parent magazine, I write about “Raising Boys: Teaching Them to be Good Brothers.”  (Link is to the web version.) Sibling arguments are an issue that most parents of multiple children deal with. Whether you have boys, girls or both, the experts I interviewed offer some helpful tips for handling day to day bickering. I’d love to hear your clever ideas for managing sibling conflict!

And remember, if there is a topic related to family communication that you’d love to see covered, be sure and connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!

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