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What Does Creativity, the Chakras & Social Media Have in Common?

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard about the great Facebook and Instagram power outage of 2021 and the FB whistleblower debacle that ensued earlier this week. With so many people doing truly innovative things, it makes me sad that the algorithms are set up to boost polarizing content in our feeds that encourage divisiveness, anger and rage. But it doesn’t seem like groundbreaking news.

Since it seems most people have returned to online business as usual, do you ever wonder how we could be using social media in a way that feels more in alignment to who we are as individuals? And in a way that inspires creativity and empowers people to enter into a healthy exchange of dialogue that encourages creative problem solving and positive change?

For so many creative and heart-centered entrepreneurs who I work with, one of their biggest challenges is figuring out a way to use social media in a way that doesn’t drain or depress them because it can be such a reactive and provocative space to be in. 

I get it. I also struggle to use social media in a way that feels purposeful and meaningful. The struggle leads to uncertainty and the uncertainty leads to avoidance and the next thing I know, I haven’t posted anything much to social in weeks. Sound familiar? 

Maybe that’s why I’m excited to share an uplifting conversation that I recorded on YouTube recently. 

New on She Persists YouTube Channel

This month on my She Persists YouTube Channel, I got to talk with Emily Tamayo Maher, a bestselling author and book coach who has used social media to grow her business in an organic way that’s both energizing and socially conscientious. In other words, she focuses on relationship-building with followers, not spamming people or sending impersonal DM sales pitches.

Even if you aren’t an aspiring author, Emily’s insights during our chat can be helpful to any entrepreneur trying to navigate social media in a way that genuinely connects with others and aligns with your personality and temperament. Plus, it’s just a fun conversation about creativity!

Who is Emily Tamayo Maher?

Emily Tamayo Maher is a bestselling author in women’s spirituality and book coach who recently launched the second edition of her highly anticipated book The Meaning Method: A Spiritual Path to Writing & Publishing. 

Inside this valuable guidebook, Emily uses the chakras to describe the creative path of how a book moves from idea to publication. She shares personal and encouraging stories, practical wisdom and thoughtful ways to make the book writing process and path to publication a little less daunting. 

With her insightful, spirited and inspiring approach to the creative life, Emily helps writers and entrepreneurs find their voice, grow their audience, publish their books and make the difference they were meant to make. Her clients write in multiple genres ranging from memoirs, personal development and self-help to fiction. Emily lives in Bogota, Columbia with her husband Mauricio and son Martin. 

Find Emily on Instagram @Emily.Tamayo.Maher and in her Facebook group, The Writer’s Block.

What is She Persists YouTube channel all about?

I started the She Persists Book Club on Facebook during the pandemic summer of 2020 to provide a safe, inspiring virtual gathering space for readers who are passionate about women-centric historical fiction, transformative storytelling and powerful female voices. If this is the kind of book club you’d like to be part of, please join us!

As an extension of the book club, I created the She Persists channel on YouTube as a way to connect with authors who are making a difference through their work and inspiring others to share their voices. As a writer working on my first historical fiction novel, I find these conversations to be incredibly thoughtful and uplifting, and I’m thrilled to get to share them with you!

*If you’re an author interested in connecting with me about your book and being featured on my channel, please reach out to me at christa (at) christahines (dot) com. 

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