Refresh, Renew, Rejuvenate: Spring Articles Are Out

Even if the weather is still cold outside, I love curling up with the spring magazine issues. Nothing rejuvenates my spirit after a cold winter like cheerful daffodils, crisp, clean decorating ideas, fresh meal ideas and even adorable bunnies hopping across the glossy pages. As a writer, I’m also reenergized when I see my work from the past few months appear in these issues!

Below is a sampling of articles that I wrote for publications across the U.S. this month:

Woman’s Day

My article “Small Horse, Big Heart” tells the story about a Kansas City nurse who rescued a miniature horse from starvation. Now Sweet Pea is a certified therapy animal, gently nuzzling her way into the hearts of people in domestic violence shelters, retirement communities,  inpatient mental health facilities and schools that support youngsters with special needs.

Black Hills Parent (SD)

Check out my articles How Dining Out Builds Skills and Support Your Spirited Child.

Arizona Parenting

How can unplugged time benefit our kids communication skills? Find out in my article “Unplug!”

Sonoma Family Life (CA)

Pregnant? Consider if a postpartum doula would be a good option to help support you during the “fourth trimester”. A postpartum doula can help provide emotional and physical support to mom and baby. Find out more in my article “Bringing Home Baby: Can a Postpartum Doula Help?

Today’s Family (OH)

An over-scheduled, hyperactive lifestyle can leave you feeling emotionally and physically burned out. Furthermore, living this way can be incredibly risky to your health. Nefertari Williams shares her story and some sage advice for every busy mom in my article, “How to Mindfully Bust Out of a Hyperactive Lifestyle”.

Kansas City Parent (KS/MO)

Can you believe it’s already time to start planning summer camps for our kids? If you’re at all hesitant about introducing your child to the camp experience, check out my article about the “10 Benefits of Summer Camp”. After doing the research for this piece, I immediately signed my son up for his first overnight camp. He’s beyond excited!

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