31 Health & Wellness Prompts to Get You Writing When You’re Stuck

31 Health & Wellness Writing Prompts


There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page trying to figure out what to write or post about at the last minute.

Planning content ahead of time can alleviate some of that stress, which is why last week I shared how to create a content editorial calendar.

But if your well of ideas  went dry before you got past the first month or two, you may be feeling frustrated and stuck. 

Whether you are seeking content ideas for social media, blog posts or video, writing prompts can spark creative inspiration and help you move forward. Here are 31 to get you started!

31 Health & Wellness Writing Prompts

1) What is something that surprises your clients to learn?

2) What’s a habit that helps you start your day off right?

3) What’s one small change you are making to improve your health?

4) What’s one small change you suggest to all of your clients to enhance their health and why?

5) If you could challenge your reader to do something, what would it be? How long would the challenge go?

6) What’s a health trend (or trend in your industry) you hate? Why?

7) What’s a health trend (or trend in your industry) you love? Why?

8) What are common terms you use that clients/readers don’t often understand what they mean? Create a glossary of terms.

9) What are three ways you motivate yourself?

10) Who are your favorite thought leaders/podcasters?

31 Health & Wellness Prompts


11) What are your favorite books and/or authors you recommend to your clients?

12) What never fails to give you a boost of energy?

13) What are your favorite self-care techniques?

14) What’s something you do every day that makes a difference in how you feel?

15) Why did you choose this profession? What makes it meaningful? Was there someone who influenced you?

16) What are your favorite resources/products?

17) If you had a playlist that helped you best describe you and your business, what songs would be on it?

18) What are ingredients/products you tell people to avoid? Why?

19) What are ingredients/products you tell people to look for? Why?

20) If you could interview a client, industry thought leader or author who would it be? Can you reach out to that person?

31 Health & Wellness Prompts


21) What are three common questions you frequently field from clients/readers? Write a post addressing one of the questions.

22) Is there a news story currently affecting your clients? Share your expert response.

23) If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would get people to stop doing, which would benefit their lives (or health)?

24) If you had a magic wand, what is something you wish you could get people to do more?

25) Confess—what is the one habit you wish you could break? What’s your plan?

26) Who are your favorite local experts that you recommend? Share links to their businesses!

27) What’s a review you received from a client that made your day?

28) Share a client success story. How did they transform their life after working with you?

29) What are simple but often forgotten ways your readers can better manage stress?

30) What are common mistakes you can help your readers avoid?

31) What are your favorite tips that can help save your readers money?

If you write a blog post with the help of one of these prompts, please link to it below! And remember, when brainstorming ideas for any content you create, think about it in terms of information that will add value to your reader’s life. By sharing informative, educational and inspiring posts that serve your audience’s needs and interests, you’ll build trust and credibility while also connecting in an empathetic way that feels good and makes sense. Happy writing!


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